Structural Steel


Over the past decade, we have sought time and time again to align this traditional fabrication activity with the requirements of today’s construction industry. Our tight collaboration with the stakeholders in this field, business owners, contractors, technical specialists, procurement managers, structural engineers and builders have made our manufacturing service more agile, more efficient, and more versatile.

Our structural steel fabrication workflow from rational design to diligent delivery has given us a strong cross-border foothold in the European arena. Together with our partners from Rezicon Design, our customers are guided step-by-step through the design process, planning the right balance in between workshop assembly and on-site assembly.

Workshop activities consist of cutting pieces of steel to shape and connecting them together to form a framework. Workshop assembly consists mainly of welding relies heavily on the certified skills of our workforce. All structures leave the assembly line with a European certification, which involves rigorous quality control and periodical training of our skilled welders.

Our leadership and skilled teams have constantly played a key part in the success of our service. Year-by-year, their dedication and acquired experience have built a strong reputation among our peers in the modern industrial and civil construction fields.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication is a manufacturing method that involves cutting, bending, and rolling sheets of metal to form different shapes. Sheet metal fabrication is more cost-effective than multi-axis CNC machining when it comes to the fabrication of metal components with constant wall thickness.

We give you easy access to our sheet metal fabrication capabilities using standard steel plates and other custom materials upon request. Using either oxy-flame, plasma, or laser cutting technology, we are able to process metal plates (e.g. up to 100 mm thick using oxy-flame) with perfect squaring and tight tolerances. This process is further complemented by bending and rolling to yield the desired product shape and functionality.

Our dedicated team is ready to ensure our metal cutting, bending, and rolling service consistently meets your quality expectations. If you require a quote for your design, please contact us.

On-Site Assembly and Envelope Building

Our on-site teams are ready to assist you in the erection of the structural steelworks according to the plans designed by your structural engineer office. Together with our partners AIDO Construct and BBI Construct, we are ready to prepare suitable foundations for the erection to commence, assemble the steel frame on-site, and then lift and place the components into position. Our engineers and team leaders assure that the structure is aligned, and the bolted connections are secure before the building of the envelope begins.

Building envelopes provide a perfect combination of aesthetics with performance. During this step, your building project starts taking it final shape as it gets closer to completion. Our teams have received specific training to handle the latest and most innovative products in terms of insulated cladding. Proper installation guarantees the right blend in between the architectural aspect and the effectiveness of the materials (protection from the elements, fire resistance, energy efficiency, safety, sustainability). The installation of drainage, windows and doors are the final touches that seamlessly integrate the building with its new surroundings.

Corrosion protection

Depending on their application and exposure to the elements, steel products are more or less prone to corrosion, weakening their cross-section and leading to damage. Suitable paint or metallic coatings increase anti-corrosive resistance and significantly lengthen the product’s lifetime.

Electrostatic painting technology is the most common corrosion protection due to its ease-of-application and estetic versatility. The vast range of standard RAL colors meets the extent of contemporary design requirements and permits the seamless integration of the painted steel within any modern architectural concept.

Metallic coatings obtained by hot-dip galvanization guarantee even longer lifetimes for metal products exposed to the elements (on average <100 years, in seaside regions <80 years). For special maritime and agricultural applications, Magnelis® coatings offer an alternative which performs 3 times better than traditional galvanization in severe environments with high saline content or strong alkalinity.

Structural Steel Professional Insourcing

When it comes to human resources, our most recent market research has identified that finding skilled workforce is the main problem the European construction field face. It is getting harder and harder to predict what talent comes your way through the traditional recruitment process, and we discovered that there’s no reason for it to stay that way.

Today, a key attribute of business strategy is insourcing. It has become the next big thing keepin construction projects ahead of deadlines and increasing productivity rates. Because we know that you are searching outside your company for talent, we have designed for you an insourcing service that is at the same time LEAN, AGILE and customer-focused.

We provide you experienced teams consisting of highly skilled professionals:

Construction Workers, Structural Steel Installers, Sandwich Panel Installers, Welders, Construction Engineers

The right hand for the right job! Take advantage of our Steel Professional Insourcing Solutions and lead your projects to success at full capacity! Tell us about your project and we will take care that you deliver customer value effectively!