Build your idea anytime, anywhere with our professional team and state-of-the-art structural steel products


Steel Buildings

At Metal KLS we are proud to offer turnkey solutions that make every project owner’s dreams come true. Our decade-long experience in the field speaks for itself : our structural steel expertise, openness to innovation and validated quality compliance make us the perfect partner to bring passion, style and innovation to your project.

We work in collaboration with structural engineers, architects and project sponsors from the start. We ensure that the minimum viable product brings together all the elements that transform it into a turnkey deliverable. Metal KLS looks after the entire design and build process for you: from validation of the structural study to completing your turnkey business premises. We guarantee optimized EN 1090 certified fabrication, strict quality control and rapid on-site build time. We ensure that you will not face any surprises. The best practices in modern steel construction run through our processes from the laying down of the foundations to the final touches.

Our team of experienced project managers and on-site team leaders will supervise the execution of your commercial, industrial, residential, or agricultural steel building. Contact us to discuss your steel building project!


Steel Bridges

Our steel bridges combine the aesthetic, the resistance and low maintenance of structural steel. By choosing to build a bridge out of steel, you take advantage of reduced construction costs along with construction time, reduced costs of maintenance as well as time of maintenance operations and a low degree of environmental impact. We offer you the versatility of design with various standard steel grades (steel that can be paint-coated or galvanized to prevent corrosion) and weathering steel grades (structural steel with improved resistance to atmospheric corrosion). The latter steel grade does not require corrosion protection, and therefore provides a durable construction with long service life and very low maintenance costs.

With the advent of digital advertising and mobile phone technology, traditional advertising methods (e.g. billboards, magazines, TV ads) have been becoming a much more potent tool to reach target markets. Interconnectivity with social media and direct linking to landing pages or websites (e.g. printed QR codes, hashtags, geocaching) have paradoxically made these traditional methods more sought after than before. Unlike a pop-up or a push notification, these methods of advertising cannot be closed at the click of a button.

Structurally, modern billboards consist of a display panel that may be freestanding, mounted to buildings, attached to other structures by a steel framework or sitting on a steel pole. Whatever the format may be, it doesn’t matter because we can build them all. Our team is ready to guide you through the process from structural design to on-site assembly. Your new billboard will offer your market that blend of visual experience (I have seen this before) and spatiotemporal relevance (the Where? and When?) that will keep you and your brand on the top of everyone’s mind.




Building Facades

Whether your new building is in the proximity of a commercial quarter, an industrial hub, a residential neighborhood, out in the farmlands or secluded in nature, we have identified the range of solutions that at the same time blend your building to the landscape and welcome your partners, customers and simple visitors to your business.

Our team offers you the expertise of façade construction complemented by the complete products suite to realise the vision you dreamed for the outer shell of your building. We also offer continuity to this products suite with our line of custom metallic elements that complete the functionality of your building: gates, staircases, handrails and various metallic frame extensions congruent with contemporary design. You will be delighted by our selected materials ranging from a palette of paint-coated steels with an attractive and modern look to weathered steels fine-tuned to the natural landscaping.